Ultra Gentle. Mega Clean.®

Tisztítás ultrahanggal és szónikus tisztítással.


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The ultrasound toothbrush

Imagine a toothbrush so powerful, it makes 192,000,000 movements per minute, yet, thanks to its low-amplitude design, is among the gentlest toothbrushes in its class. Imagine a toothbrush that marries therapeutic 1.6 MHz ultrasonic motion with conventional sonic action to create a brushing experience like no other. Imagine a toothbrush that has been designed to feel like an extension of the hand, specifically created to make cleaning the hardest to reach areas in your mouth an effortless experience. Imagine a toothbrush of the very highest quality, an engineering masterpiece that is years ahead of its time.


Introducing MEGASONEX®—The Ultrasound Toothbrush®


Ultra Gentle. Mega Clean.®


Precision brush head

Compact precision brush heads are available in two dentist-recommended thicknesses—soft and medium. MEGASONEX® brush heads are specifically designed to be maneuverable in the hardest-to-reach areas of the mouth. Each bristle is crafted out of ultra-fine Dupont Tynex® fibers, the gold standard in the industry and is then polished to perfection using an advanced process that smooths the sharp edges of the tiny fibers into a soft, gentle tip.

17mm Megacrystal™

A proprietary component, embedded in the tip of the brush during a highly precise process by skilled technicians, generates therapeutic 1.6MHz ultrasound waves. This piece of crystalline tecnology is so advanced, it requires special clearance from the US military before it can be exported.

Twist-lock fastener

Changing brush heads takes merely a flick of a wrist, thanks to our proprietary twist-lock fastener. And, with the purchase of the MEGASONEX® Ultrasound Tongue Scraper, you can just as easily transform your toothbrush into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine.

Speed selector

MEGASONEX® believes in giving you control when it comes to your oral hygiene. That’s why, in addition to the silent and ultra-gentle therapeutic 1.6MHz ultrasound frequency that is emitted whenever the toothbrush is turned on, you get to choose the sonic speed you want to accompany it. Press the button once and the toothbrush will make 18,000 movements of sonic action per minute, comparable to other leading sonic toothbrushes. Press the button twice and the toothbrush will make 9,000 movements per minute of sonic action for a gentler experience. For the ultimate in gentleness, press the button three times to emit pure ultrasound with no sonic action whatsoever.

Ultrasound indicator

Since ultrasound is sound you can’t hear, our toothbrush has a blue ultrasound indicator to let you know that it is emitting true ultrasound at the therapeutic 1.6MHz frequency.

Charge indicator

The rechargeable Megabattery™ lasts for up to 2 weeks’ of brushing on one charge. To inform you when the Megabattery™ is running low, this light will flash red and turn back to white when it is fully recharged.

Ultrasound is your secret weapon in the war against plaque.  A recent university study¹ shows that, when exposed to ultrasound, bacterial chains that typically make up plaque were torn up, rendering them harmless. MEGASONEX®’s proprietary Megacrystal™ operates at a safe low-power medical frequency of 1.6MHz = 1,600,000 Hertz (cycles per second) = 96,000,000 pulses per minute, similar to the frequency used by doctors to treat fractured bones. Typical “sonic” toothbrushes have bristle movements of 15 to 40 thousand movements per minute or 125 to 333 Hertz, which is lower by approximately 4,800 times.  The ultrasound technology used in the MEGASONEX® toothbrush has been approved by the FDA for use in a toothbrush since the early 1990s.


Study conducted at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Department of Preventative Dentistry.  Streptococcus mutans, a species of bacteria typically making up human plaque, was exposed to ultrasound at a frequency of 1.6MHz or 96,000,000 pulsations per minute, damaging bacterial chains and severing their methods of attachment, rendering them harmless.  The study was conducted on the original version of the Ultima™ toothbrush that had no additional sonic movement whatsoever.  Correlation between the results obtained on the Ultima™ and MEGASONEX® has not yet been established.

¹Shinada K, Hashizume L, Teraoka K, Kurosaki, N. Effect of ultrasonic toothbrush on Streptococcus mutans. Japan J. Conserv. Dent. 1999; 42 (2): 410-41


True ultrasound

With technology so advanced that we had to get special US military clearance to be able to export it, MEGASONEX® uses the same technology that advanced medical devices use to give you a sense of clean in a league of its own.

True gentleness

Powerful or gentle… how about both? MEGASONEX® uses ultrasound movements, so small and so fast you can’t feel them, to do the heavy scrubbing. This frees the brush to use very low amplitude sonic action and ultra-supple bristles to sweep up the leftover debris, making it one of the gentlest brushes in its class.

Ergonomic form

Taking inspiration from the best in luxury fountain pen design, at around 88g, our brush was created to make you forget that you’re holding a powerful ultrasound device. With an evenly weighted design and smooth contours crafted to fit your hand, brushing your teeth never felt so good.

Precision control

Brushing is all about control, not just brute force. We’ve constructed a precision scientific instrument with a compact brush head so you can reach in the most hard-to-reach places and avoid the places you don’t want it to go, giving you a brushing experience you never thought possible.

World-class design

We believe that our product should be as beautiful and intelligent as you are. That’s why leading designers in California and Japan have agonized over the tiniest details to bring you a brush that is like no other.

Intrepid traveler

Good oral health shouldn’t stay behind when you hit the road. That’s why we’ve designed a brush that can go with you wherever you go. With a universal-voltage charger, a robust rattle-proof case and compact size made to fit in most wash-bags, it’s the ultimate cosmopolitan stowaway.


Rather than go for the mass market, we’ve decided to build a product so advanced that we only sell it through an exclusive group of leading dentists and their websites worldwide. Ask your dentist to find out more.

Rock-solid quality

We haven’t cut any corners when it comes to designing a quality product that is built to last. We’re proud that with our product, you can literally feel the quality. And, with our comprehensive limited warranty, we’re putting money where our mouth is.


Our brush is able to sip, not gulp, energy with our proprietary SmartCircuit™ that’s designed to shut off power to the brush when it’s not needed. And with compliance with international environmental standards and a reusable presentation box, we’re doing our part to ensure that we minimize our eco-footprint.

Unshakeable ethics

We manufacture according to the highest ethical standards and personally inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure that workers are treated the way we would like to be treated. Click here to find out more…

The ultrasound tongue scraper

Tongue cleaning is an essential part of your daily dental hygiene routine. Many of the same bacteria that cause plaque, bad breath and other problems in the mouth accumulate on your tongue and need to be regularly removed. Yet, up until now, the tools for tongue cleaning have been quite primitive.


Introducing the world’s first ultrasonic tongue scraper… from MEGASONEX®.


Rather than make money selling a whole new machine, we decided to make great tongue hygiene accessible to every owner of a MEGASONEX® toothbrush. Our tongue scraper takes the form of an attachment that you can fasten to the end of your toothbrush handle with a flick of the wrist. Just replace your brush head with the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper attachment and voilà… your toothbrush has been magically transformed into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine.


True ultrasound

Thanks to the power of ultrasound, we’ve taken the humble tongue scraper and sent it into warp drive. Just slip this patent-pending piece of technology on a MEGASONEX® handle, turn it on and it will make more than 192,000,000 movements per minute, outpacing anything else on the market literally thousands of times over. Imagine using the world’s first ultrasound tongue cleaner… emitting the same therapeutic 1.6MHz frequency that has been shown to break up bacteria chains in the mouth*… now you can.

Pressure restrictor

Your tongue may look strong, but it’s really just a big softie. We’ve designed our tongue scraper to help you give your tongue a thorough scrub that’s still gentle enough to minimize damage to the delicate papillae and taste buds that dot its surface. Just press down and pull the tongue scraper across your tongue, and the pressure restrictor will automatically stop it from scraping more than 1mm deep.

Precision control

After careful experimentation, we came up with a narrow design with a straight working edge, sculpted to match the tongue’s anatomy… like two hills straddling a valley. Normal tongue scrapers are designed to be dragged across the tongue in one broad stroke. This means that you either miss cleaning out the valley or end up pressing very hard on the hills to reach the valley, which can harm the papillae. The MEGASONEX® tongue scraper was purposefully designed to be narrow in order to minimize your gag reflex and so that you can clean each hill, or half of the tongue, individually. If you have a need for speed, just turn the handle of the scraper sideways for a more superficial conventional cleaning.

Custom power

We believe in putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your oral hygiene. That’s why we give you control over the speed you choose. You have a choice of having the scraper vibrate to give you a speed of 18,000 movements per minute, 9,000 movements per minute or zero movements per minute of sonic action. No matter which gear you select, your brushing experience is always turbocharged with the cleaning power of ultrasound.

Double sided

We don’t believe in wasting space, and carried this philosophy forward into our design. Unlike most scrapers, we put both sides of our scraper to use so that you have not one, but two choices when it comes to your cleaning experience. One side of the scraper has a leading edge that rises just 0.5mm above the pressure restrictor, for an extra-gentle clean, while the other side rises 1.0mm for a traditional deeper scrub.

Optimal leading edge

The MEGASONEX® tongue scraper is crafted entirely from food grade polypropylene, a special type of plastic that is optimal for this application. The tongue scraper’s leading edge has been engineered to ensure that specifications for hardness, sharpness and angle of attack are just so. We’ve made it hard and sharp enough to give its scraping surface high efficacy, but put your safety first. If the leading edge of the scraper is too hard, too sharp, or poorly designed, you can actually cut your tongue and allow bacteria to enter your blood stream. You can always replace a dull scraper after 6 months or a year, but not your papillae and taste buds.


Rather than go for the mass market, we’ve decided to build a product so advanced that we only sell it through an exclusive group of leading dentists and their websites worldwide. Ask your dentist to find out more.

On the shoulders of giants

We never believe in putting a good thing to waste. That’s why we decided that, rather than sell the world another expensive gadget, we would harness the ultrasound generation power that already exists in the MEGASONEX® toothbrush. That’s why our tongue scraper takes the form of an attachment that you can easily fasten to the end of your toothbrush handle with a flick of the wrist and just as easily take off and clean. Just replace your brush head with the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper attachment and voilà… your toothbrush has been magically transformed into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine.


Unshakeable ethics

We manufacture according to the highest ethical standards and personally inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure that workers are treated the way we would like to be treated. Click here to find out more…

Revolutionary invention

Using the power of ultrasound to clean your tongue was just a fantasy… until now. And, because the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper has patents pending, you won’t find anything else like it, though others may imitate it. There are many tongue scrapers on the market, but only one ultrasound tongue scraper.


How to use it?
  • Speed selection

    • The MEGASONEX® ultrasonic tongue scraper can be used in one of three modes:
      1. Ultrasound plus sonic vibration
        • Ultrasound at 1.6MHz
        • Sonic vibration at 18,000 or 9,000 movements per minute
      2. Ultrasound only
        • Ultrasound at 1.6MHz
        • No sonic vibration
      3. Manual only
        • No ultrasound
        • No sonic vibration


    How to use

    1. Mount and fasten the scraper onto the MEGASONEX® handle.
    2. Select your optimal speed as you would for the toothbrush.
    3. Place the scraper ¾ the length of the tongue on either the left of right side of the tongue, near the back of the throat. Gently but firmly move it towards the tip of the tongue. This should take 1-2 seconds. Repeat a few times, rinsing the scraper between each stroke.
    4. Do the same for the other half of the tongue.
    5. Turn the scraper at a 45° angle and clean the middle part of the tongue.
    6. In the end, if desired, turn the scraper 90° to the tongue to cover a wider cleaning area.
    7. Gently repeat the motion on each side of the tongue.
    8. Clean and dry after each use. Normal soap and water are sufficient, as long as the scraper is thoroughly dried after each use.
    • Dispose after several months or when the working edge of the scraper appears dull.
    • Pressing harder on the tongue does not ensure better removal of the biofilm. In fact, it could do more harm than good. It is far better to clean the tongue more often than to clean it with excessive pressure that can damage the tongue and lead to bleeding, infection and other issues.


    Restrictions and limitations

    • The scraper in ultrasonic mode has not yet been tested on pregnant women, diabetics and people with sub-dermal electrical devices such as pacemakers. In these cases, you should consult your physician before use.
    • The scraper should not be used with any other device or tool aside from the MEGASONEX® ultrasonic brush handle.
    • Try to avoid the very back of your tongue, which houses the circumvallate papillae (6-12 3-4 mm discs). They are involved with digestion and should not be disturbed. This applies to all forms of tongue cleaning.
    • As with a toothbrush, do not share your tongue scraper with others to help avoid cross contamination.
    • Be sure to wash with soap and water, like you would a toothbrush, before first use. All oral hygiene devices are usually manufactured in clean but non-sterile conditions. An extra wash before first use is a good commonsense practice.
    • Some individuals have a heightened gag reflex. As with any device going into the mouth, with time and repeated gradual shallow use, this reflex could be reduced. These individuals should start cleaning just the front part of the tongue, then, with practice, slowly increasing the cleaning area over a period of weeks or months.

The nanohidroxy-apatite toothpaste

Imagine repairing your teeth every time you brush them.

Imagine getting your teeth their whitest by helping, not hindering, natural processes.

Imagine brushing your teeth with a professional-grade formula that is highly effective yet is able to clean effectively without the harsh chemicals others take for granted.

Imagine a toothpaste without bitter tasting compounds that need hiding, a toothpaste that is actually refreshing, not overpowering.

Imagine a totally new type of toothpaste.

Thanks to the latest innovations from MEGASONEX®, fantasy has just become reality.


Introducing the revolutionary MEGASONEX® toothpaste… the world’s first nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste designed specifically for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes (though it still works just fine for manual toothbrush users as well).



Nano-hydroxyapatite enriched

Nano-hydroxyapatite is the smallest building block of teeth. Added to toothpaste, it can rebuild enamel and make it strong, smooth and shiny. To find out more about nano-hydroxyapatite, please click here.


Designed for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes

MEGASONEX® toothpaste took a radical departure from conventional toothpaste formulation. Rather than develop a formula designed for manual toothbrush users, we specifically formulated our toothpaste around the physics of electric toothbrush brushing. This allowed us to leave out harsh foaming agents like SLS, for example. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about manual toothbrush users… while it is optimized for power toothbrushing, MEGASONEX® is still perfectly usable for everybody.

Professional formula

Developed by chemists in our California research facility who are among the top in their field, we spared no expense to ensure that our toothpaste formulation is able to meet the most stringent criteria of the world’s top dental professionals. Since we rely exclusively on the world’s leading dental professionals to sell our product, we put our efforts into our science, not our advertising.

Reduces plaque

Plaque doesn’t just look bad… it’s bad for your oral health. In addition to causing tartar and cavities, plaque can cause gingivitis and gum bleeding. We use an ingredient called tetrasodium pyrophosphate which prevents plaque from sticking. Also, recent research¹ has found that nano-hydroxyapatite has properties which allow it to encrust harmful bacteria, helping to prevent plaque formation.

Helps fight cavities

Nano-hydroxyapatite helps to safely remineralize enamel, potentially reversing early stage tooth decay (white spot caries) in a way previously unheard of in dentistry².


While fluoride has long been used in toothpastes as an ingredient to help strengthen enamel, we use nano-hydroxyapatite instead, which actually helps to rebuild enamel. This leaves us free to leave fluoride out of our formula. While fluoride is safe and even desirable at low levels, such as are found in everyday foods and drinking water in many countries, too much fluoride can be toxic. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring compound already found in the mouth in small concentrations, so safe you can swallow it.


Because MEGASONEX® toothpaste is specifically designed for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes, it harnesses the physics of high frequency bristle action to give you the foaminess you expect without resorting to using undesirable foaming agents like sulfates, including SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which have been shown to contribute to ampthous ulcers and canker sores. Instead, MEGASONEX® uses a milder, coconut-derived ingredient.


Many people go out of their way to avoid preservatives in the foods they eat, but don’t realize that the toothpastes they put into their mouths after every meal are filled with the very same compounds. We questioned this practice from the start, paying a premium for a formula and packaging that allow us to create a product that is free from parabens and all other preservatives.


For sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity often happens when the enamel of your teeth gets worn away, exposing the layer of dentin below. Dentin contains tiny tubules that connect directly to the pulp, where the nerves that tell your brain when your teeth are in pain reside. Without the protective layer of enamel, these nerves can get easily stimulated, causing you to reel in pain. MEGASONEX® goes beyond other sensitivity toothpastes to actually help to plug up the tubules and then help to rebuild enamel over the top of them, a process which has been clinically proven³ to provide relief from this kind of pain.


Because our formula is chock full of tiny building blocks of teeth, it can help to literally fill up the pits and fissures in your tooth enamel with naturally white nano-hydroxyapatite, leaving your teeth smooth and shiny, which makes them not only stronger, but look whiter as well.

pH balanced

Maintaining optimal pH in the mouth is essential for avoiding demineralization of your teeth or accumulation of harmful brushite crystallization, leading to calculus formation. Because of this, we’ve carefully balanced our toothpaste ingredients to achieve a neutral pH and have included natural pH buffers in our formulation to ensure that pH is carefully controlled at all times.

Low abrasion

Many whitening toothpastes take the easy way out when it comes to whitening… by including very abrasive particles in their formulations. While literally scraping your teeth to death will clean the plaque off them and make them whiter, it can permanently damage your teeth. While our toothpaste does have some abrasives as well, we carefully select particles that provide just enough polishing to clean your teeth properly and nothing more.


Mild taste

Because we left out many of the nasty-tasting chemical compounds found in traditional toothpaste formulations, we were able to create a toothpaste with a subtle minty taste. It’s just strong enough to give you the cool, refreshing sensation you’re used to, but mild enough to avoid interfering with your taste… even orange juice tastes just fine after you brush your teeth.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Every tube of MEGASONEX® toothpaste is manufactured in our spotlessly clean high-tech, US FDA-registered facility in California, staffed with scientists trained at some of the world’s top research universities. We maintain a stringent quality control system overseeing every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each tube of toothpaste we make meets our very exacting standards.


We manufacture according to the highest ethical standards and personally inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure that workers are treated the way we would like to be treated. Click here to find out more… We also have a companywide policy against animal testing.


Great for orthodontic and implant patients

Orthodontic and implant patients are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay, as orthodontic appliances, bridges, crowns and implants create food traps and make brushing more difficult, creating an ideal breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria to form. You’ve invested a lot to make sure your smile is straight, so make sure it’s a strong and healthy one. Using the right toothpaste just might be the best investment you can make for your teeth.


Safe for children

Unlike most other toothpastes, which contain toxic ingredients like fluoride, here at MEGASONEX®, we believe that patient safety always comes first. That’s why we carefully selected safe, non-toxic alternatives to these standard ingredients. In fact, MEGASONEX® toothpaste is so safe that even children and astronauts can swallow it without any ill effects.


Our key ingredient, nano-hydroxyapatite is the smallest building block of teeth. Added to toothpaste, it can rebuild enamel and make it strong, smooth and shiny. Because it is very expensive, only a select few high-end toothpastes use it, and many that do do not use as high a concentration as we do. It may lower our profit margins, but without it, our toothpaste wouldn’t be the same.


We use sorbitol, a compound that naturally occurs in apples, pears and peaches, in order to give our toothpaste its characteristic consistency and also to help it to stay soft and avoid it from drying out prematurely. You can find it in a variety of pharmaceutical and food products, including mouthwashes, almost all sugar-free chewing gum and in the surimi crab at your local sushi bar.


We use this syrupy liquid in order to keep our toothpaste moist and give it its smoothness. It is also naturally somewhat sweet, but unlike sugar, does not feed the plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. It can be found in low-fat cookies, in candies, in dairy products and even in Hollywood, where actors put it around their eyes in order to make it appear as if they are crying.


We use water that is so pure, the United States Food and Drug Administration allows it to be used in regulated pharmaceutical products. In our formula, water helps keep our toothpaste moist and paste-like. Without it, our toothpaste would be pretty hard to squeeze out!


Like most toothpastes, we use silica in our formulation. Silica, one of the most common minerals, is very hard and is one of the principal components of white porcelain. Unlike many other formulations which use coarsely ground silica as an abrasive agent, we use microscopic particles, which means that they polish, rather than abrade teeth, and help to give our toothpaste the right texture.


We make good use of xylitol, a natural sweetener found in the fibers of many common fruits and vegetables. Unlike regular sugar (sucrose), which feeds decay-causing bacteria, xylitol has been shown to actually help kill off harmful oral bacteria, such as streptococcus mutans. As an added bonus, xylitol also helps to create an unmistakably cool, refreshing sensation in the mouth.

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

We use this crystalline compound in order to help remove some of the calcium and magnesium dissolved in saliva which could otherwise lead to tartar formation. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is so safe that it is used in a variety of foods like canned tuna and crab, pudding and marshmallows.

Sodium methyl cocoyl taurate

We use a tiny dash of this mild coconut-derived ingredient in order to create a touch of foaminess, to help improve the cleaning action of our formula even for manual toothbrush users and to help give our formula the mouthfeel people associate with cleanliness without resorting to the use of agents like SLS.


We use this naturally-occurring mineral in order to give our toothpaste a lustrous appearance and to polish the surfaces of the teeth to a high gloss. Mica has a long tradition of use in a variety of high-end cosmetics, including lipstick and lip gloss.


Titanium dioxide

A naturally occurring mineral that is dazzlingly white, used to make our toothpaste as white as it can be and also temporarily help to make your teeth appear whiter. Perfectly safe, it has a long history of use in food, cosmetics, as a colorant in skim milk, a principal sunblock ingredient and even as a tattoo pigment.

Sodium carboxymethylcellulose

We use this hypoallergenic plant-derived ingredient in order to give our toothpaste its characteristic thickness, smoothness and to help keep the ingredients from separating out. It also helps to keep the freezing point of our formula depressed, so that it is better able to withstand shipping through cold climates. This same compound is used in a wide variety of pharmaceutical products and foods, including many brands of ice cream and eye drops.

Citric acid

This naturally-occurring acid, which gives fruits like lemons their characteristic tartness, is used in our formula to help keep its pH balanced. Achieving a balanced pH in the mouth is critical, as excess acitity in the mouth can lead to tooth demineralization, while excess alkalinity can lead to calculus formation.

Sodium Saccharin

In order to counteract an aspect of the flavor coming from the high concentration of nano-hydroxyapatite in our formula that xylitol alone cannot control, we use a tiny dash of this sweetener. Saccharin has been safely used for more than 130 years as a substance that is extremely sweet without any calories, so that, unlike other sweeteners like sugar, it doesn’t provide food for the harmful bacteria in the mouth.



We use a proprietary blend of pure botanical extracts in order to give our toothpaste a minty flavor that is mild enough to be refreshing, but not so strong as to affect your sense of taste.